Okay, It's All Making Sense Now: Leopards Don't Change Their Spots

For years, a (now former) board member ran roughshod over any homeowner she chose. There were the nasty comments, the "volunteering" to get on the landscaping committee....with an ulterior motive. That, and access to the Association's checkbook.

New information has since been presented (and verified) that this former board member has criminal convictions for theft, including a felony.

During Kelly McGuirk's 8 years at Edgewater Isle, some of the items she's done include:

  1. misrepresenting her husband's business as "unaffiliated with Edgewater Isle"
    They are married and he is on the title of a property they are both on the deed. How is that unaffiliated?

  2. Expensed "office supplies" to herself
    This is really prime stuff for an audit

  3. Got herself a free lawn by fradulent means while the board of directors looked the other way
    This board should really be sued for breach of fidicuary duty to homeowners.

San Mateo County's Web Site

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